Cultural Immersion Research Program
Baliwoso, Bali 2-7 Januari 2024 Baliwoso
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6 days program

Embark on an enriching educational journey in Bali, where students actively partake in a community service project that contributes directly to the locals and nurtures personal growth. Beyond project engagement, our program emphasizes leadership, cultural immersion, and the cultivation of meaningful social connections. Join us in creating lasting impacts while fostering your own journey of discovery and development!

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What you will do:
  • Arrival at Bali
  • Welcoming, Orientation and Introduction
  • Brainstorming of Theme and Topic for Project

Preparation Time

What you will do:
  • Trip to Bamboo Forest
  • Project Ideation and Lesson Plan Design
  • Practice to Teach

Community Connection & Cultural Immersion

What you will do:
  • Teaching Arts to Local Children
  • Cultural Activities with Local Children
  • Exploring Village & Plantation¬†
  • Learn Traditional Cooking

Exploring Bali

What you will do:
  • Outbound at Baliwoso
  • Learn Balinese Dance and Traditional Art
  • Marine Turtle Conservation Learning and Experience
  • Closing Ceremony

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Roll up your sleeves and participate now!

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We are an independent university consultant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our mission is to ensure that students are thriving into the path they aspire to have in the future.

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